Tomi Schneider


Enzo Caravetta

Bruno Schärer


More coming soon.....


"Birgid & Thoma " 

From Germany  and great supporter of Ride-4-Kids

 we are very proud & happy you are with us

Proudly Present "Ritchie Newton" 

German Citizen and fullbood Rock Musician.

Ritchie meet Tom in Khao Lak. Both like each other from the first blinking of a eye.

The Story about Ritchie is sad for his past and happy for his Future at the same Time.

Ritchie promised us to sing and rock on one future Ride-4-Kids Run.

Check the mans story out by yourself:



Ritchie, personality I very touched about your Story about Rino and the Way you get your Power back.

I very proud and thankful to meet you in Person Brother.

Wish we will have to do something together in the near Future for a better World.



Anton Schnuerle (Tony)


Tony run the German Chapter Augsburg in the South of Germany.

He is a Thailand Lover and support the Ride-4-Kids Project from the beginning. 

Tony involved over the last few Years with his  big Heart for Kids in Need


Khun "Tony" we are proud you are with us and thank’s for all the Support over the Years

Magnus Landgren


Swedish Citizen and real Biker with a Herat off Gold for Kids in Need

Magnus are the President of Hep Hep Rider in Phuket.

He and the Hep Hep Rider support the Ride-4-Kids Project from beginning.

Magnus Family runs the Hep Hep Rider Bar in Rawai. There also rent our Big Bikes and Harleys.


Magnus we love you are a big Part of Ride-4-Kids. Thank you so much for your Support


Khun Axel (Kawaschrauber)

Axel enjoyed the Project 2014/15 and jumped in like a Bomb!

He support the Project in different ways also on our Sponsorpage.

Check out Axels Motorbike Spare Shop:

Axel, great to have you with us and looking forward to work together

Birgid Boehler 

German Citizen 

Birgid enjoy Ride-4-Kids in 2014/1515 and felt in Love with it.

Birgid try to support the Project in different ways.

Khun Birgid is a great Represent of our Project.

Great to have you with us. Thank you for your Help

Khun "Michael"

Member of the Chalong Rider Phuket 

Michael enjoyed the Ride-4-Kids Project in 2013

Hope to see you soon at the next Ride.

At the picture you worked very hard Brother....

We are very proud you are a Part of the Project

 "Rod Turner"

Australian Citizen and Heroes End Member

Rod is a great example of Biker with a big Heart for Kids in Need

Rod work offshore and when he in Town he is with us.

Thank you Rod for your Support and we are Proud you with us

Thomas Bo


German Citizen and full Blood Biker

Thomas enjoy the Project 2014/15 and support Ride-4-Kids in few Ways.

One way is that he hold contact and write Articles for Ride-4-Kids for the Biker Magazines  in Europe.

Thmas.....thank you for your Support

Khun Oi

Wife of Magnus and our Sister

Oi is a big Supporter and put all her Heart in the Project.

Khun Oi ride Harley and the good Soul of the Hep Hep Bar in Rawai Beach Phuket.

Check out the Bar and Motorbike Rent Shop


Oi, thank you for everything


"Franz Bauer"


Austrian Citizen

Franz live the most Time in Khao Lak Thailand.

He is a big Thailand Fan and ride his Honda on Thailand Roads.

Franz is 64 years young and happy to help.

Franz we are happy and proud to have you with us

"Georg Knoblauch"


German Free Biker and local Tour Represent in Khao Lak

"George" support the Project from the Background in different ways.

He is also the Secretary and right Hand of the Project


George we happy and proud to have you with us

Reiner Orth (Opa)

German Citizen ....this is our Opa and he is over 75 years young .....Old School Biker for sure.

Ex Member of Bones MC Germany. Oldest Ride-4-Kids Member we have in Khao Lak....he still kick ass.

Reiner, we are proud you are with us and thank’s for all the Support over the Years

"Khun Bow"

One of the first who supported the Ride-4-Kids Project

Bow is a  Custome Builder.

 Brow is well known in the Bike Szene of Thailand

Brow is also the Founder of the Southern Big Bike Party.

We are happy you are with us

Khun "Zoran"

Yugoslavia Citizen

Member of Hep Hep Rider 

Zoran live about 6 Month's in Thailand ad support the Ride-4-Kids Project

Any Time Zoran have the chance to support he will be there.

Zoran, we are very proud to have you with us


Khun "David" Smith 

Australian Citizen and great supporter of Ride-4-Kids 

David is the Founder of Heroes End Australia. 


David we are very proud & happy you are with us