R4K - Phuket 

day we would like to introduce our Chapter Phuket.

The development in Phuket is for about 3years by different people.
 Starting with Khun Boonma  to the current head of Chapters Magnus & Oil Landgren. Magnus & Oil  has our full Trust.

Magnus & Oil proof it several times and will pay the necessary attention to the Chapter.Of course, the success is tacked always several people and therefore Magnus & Oil is supported by great people.

What and who exactly will Magnus & Oil introduce themselves at the next Ride-4-Kids Run in Rawai/Phuket.

We wish Magnua & Oil and all supporters a lot of fun and success in the common vision to support children in need



 Rawai Beach Phuket 


Khun Magnus & Oil

Both of them together with the "Hep Hep Riders's" are big supporter of Ride-4-Kids from the beginning.

This Year 2016 Magnus will hold the 1. Ride-4-Kids Run in Phuket/Rawai

Contact: Hep Hep Rider Clubhouse at Rawai Beach Phone: 087-2729 561 - Oil: 094-5932982




111 Vehicles. ... 52 Thaweewong Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket 83150 

boonma.eaibsub@faceb ook.com 


The Phuket Support Team is arround the Man with the big Heart "Khun Boonma" 

Khun Boonma from the Vehicles Shop 111 Phuket and his Rider Friends proof many Times there big Support for Ride-4-Kids. 

The last Charity Run on 15 th March 2014 was supported by the Chapter Phuket and the Chapter Augsburg Germany. 

In Total was given on Food at this Run more than 200.000 THB for the Cross A Hand The Water Project where 90 Children live with out Parents. 

We very proud to have Khun Boonma and his Rider's with us. 




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We have donated until today... 

 2.349.200,00 THB